Awesome Fitness Boot Camp in Manchester, NH

Strong * Smart * Simplified

All-Inclusive, Super-Flexible and Highly Personalized Training Approach.


We help you trim the fat, flatten your belly and look great. 130 session starts per week, training and nutrition advice, regular meetings with your coaches plus group support means you reach your goals faster!


Have FUN

You too can have fun with free weights, sandbags, rope, stability balls & wheel barrows. Stop wasting time with endless hours spent on boring cardio routines without the results to show for it! Ours change weekly so you won’t get bored!


Get up to 48 hours of post-training fat burn with our High Intensity Resistance Training programs. You have access to unlimited sessions for your membership level. All programs are personalized for your abilities and fitness goals.

” … Her innovative style and routines make it a slam dunk decision to go to boot camp. Yes, it’s hard work, but I’m not watching the clock or my watch wishing the class would end. It’s just the opposite. I always feel a sense of accomplishment after each session because she changes up the routines.”


Deb Deneau Fleming

” … Every exercise can be performed by every person, no matter your current level of physical fitness. One of the best parts, for me, is the camaraderie between fellow “bootcampers.” We provide each other with encouragement and accountability, so the environment is great! Check it out…you won’t be disappointed!”

Pete Lecours

“About a year ago I set a goal to get healthy. The metrics I chose for measuring improvement were: Weight, Waist Size, Cholesterol and Triglycerides.

Working with Christine and Thomas I then created a workout and nutrition plan.

The results have been Awesome!

I went from 205 pounds to 174. My waist size went from 36 inches to 34. My cholesterol and Triglycerides are now completely normal.

In a nutshell, with guidance from Strong Cubed Fitness and a consistent workout and nutritional follow through, I was able to achieve my goal of becoming healthy!”

Michael Kirkpatrick

Fat loss success: Michael lost 23 lbs in 5 weeks!

Client Testimonials

This is not a gym….it is so much better. Individual help every minute of your workout yet still having that small group atmosphere to laugh, encourage and push each other. They have guided me back to my healthy lifestyle in the best way possible.

Colleen DesRuisseaux

Fitness Boot Camp

This isn’t like other gyms I have been to. I don’t feel intimidated or judged when I walk through the door.

Val C

Fitness Boot Camp

I feel so much better physically & mentally.  I think a lot of people hear boot camp, and fear sets in. They think, “I’m to big or to old for this type of workout”, but you’re not!. Boot campers come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

Helen L

Fitness Boot Camp

I get the benefits of a personal trainer, along with the benefit of working out with a group of really nice, like-minded people!

Pete L

Fitness Boot Camp

Trainers are very accommodating to all levels of fitness. They manipulate the routine to optimize your workout even if you haven’t worked out for years

Sarah B

Small Group Personal Training

I love the variety of exercises and focused training provided. The 45 minute cyclone session flies by, and I’m getting stronger with each session.

C. Pawlusiak

4 years, going on 5, at this boot camp. Extremely good trainers that also live by example.

Scott R.

Small Group Personal Training

Boot Camp has given me greater overall strength – physically and mentally. I started riding horses again as an adult, and strength training really helps with overall conditioning for improved form. Being stronger just helps me to be a better rider in general. Additional Boot camp benefits also include smarter nutrition and, a great benefit which I never expected; the pleasure of gaining a really great group of fun, supportive and truly wonderful friends.

Kath C

Fitness Boot Camp

I will lead off by saying that I think you guys are great and the program is solid.  I would recommend anyone to you both.

Sharon K

Small Group Personal Training

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